Safety Excellence Awards

The Safety Excellence Awards Nomination Process Begins Now!

The Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) and The Health and Safety Council (HASC) are excited to announce that “The Safety Excellence Awards” are back!

HBR and HASC partner together annually to recognize the contract companies and their partners in the industry for outstanding safety performance through HBR's audit process and the banquet co-hosted with HASC.

2023 is the 36th anniversary of the awards that bring together chemical, refining, and energy companies on the Gulf Coast in a cooperative and collaborative effort with contract companies to improve on-site safety, reduce accidents, and, most importantly, reduce injuries to personnel.

2023 is also HBR's 5oth Anniversary and we look forward to celebrating this with you!

HBR and HASC believe that the contract companies involved in this award process continue to develop and improve their safety processes year after year, creating world-class safety programs better than any other group of workers in the world.

Throughout this year's, "The Safety Excellence Awards" process, we will continue to keep health and safety at the forefront of our priorities. HBR is committed to continuous improvement of the process to ensure the safety of all individuals involved while maintaining the quality and integrity of the safety audits.

The deadline to nominate is January 6th 2023.

Safety Award Program


The Houston Safety Excellence Awards is annually presented to a contractor or subcontractor in the Texas Gulf Coast Area who has achieved an outstanding record of on-the-job safety promotion and performance at a site or as a business during the year completed. The true purpose of the award process is for the participants to learn through observing and sharing of best practices.


The HBR Safety Evaluation teams annually goes through the process of selecting the best safety performers among contractors and subcontractors nominated by Owner or Contractor companies. The nominees, finalists and winners of each category are recognized during the annual Safety Excellence Awards Banquet.

A leader is selected from the owner representatives in the Health & Safety committee to lead a team for evaluating nominees in each category. Each team normally has six to ten members who evaluates the finalists to select the best performing contractor in safety activities. Each team leader has the task of selecting the finalists from all the nominated companies in his/her category.

Who Can Nominate?

You do not have to be a Member of HBR to nominate or to be nominated. Contractors and Subcontractors* must be nominated by a user of their services. It can be an asset owner company nominating their contractors or a contractor nominating their subcontractors. Self-nominations are not accepted.

*An administrative fee shall apply for application submissions by any company that is not a current HBR partner-subscriber. This will only apply to the award submission.


All industrial, commercial, highway heavy and utility contractors and subcontractors in the Texas Gulf Coast Area are eligible. Affiliation with Houston Business Roundtable (HBR) is not a requirement. Nominees will compete in the category they are nominated for.


This is a two step process where the initial evaluation will determine contractors eligible for final field evaluation. Safety data for the initial evaluation process will include the following:

  • HBR Contractor Safety Information Sheet
  • HBR Initial Evaluation Form
  • Written Specific Safety Program
    • Fatalities
    • OSHA Incident Rate for Lost Work Day Cases
    • OSHA Incident Rate for Total Recordable Injuries and Illnesses
    • Regulatory Agency Citations
    • Year to Year Improvement
    • Safety Goals
    • Accidental/Incident Investigation Procedure
    • Incident Lessons Learned
    • Internal Audit/Assessment Program
    • Contractor Orientation and HSE Training Program
    • Environmental Program
    • Industrial Hygiene Program
    • Short Service Employee Program
    • Behavioral Based Safety Program
    • Contractor Written Employee Workforce Development Program
    • Supervisor Training
    • Best Practices

Step 1 – Initial Submission
Contactor submit the requested information and submissions of each nominee will be measured using a score times a weighted percentage system. The top 3 or 4 scores in each category is selected for field evaluations. These will be announced at the Tailgate event on Friday, February 11th at Pasadena Fairgrounds.

Step 2 – Category Winner Selection
A field evaluation will be conducted on the finalists in each category as determined in Step 1. The field evaluation will be conducted by evaluation teams led by an owner. The field evaluation uses and objective scoring system to verify the extent and effectiveness of the contractor's safety program.


  • The previous year's winners of the category award are Mentors. This is the highest honor a company can receive
  • Assigned to Mentor contract companies through the process outside of own work category
  • Mentors also evaluate contractors through field evaluations in separate category


All companies that receive an evaluation will be recognized. Additionally, more than one Contractor may be recognized at various levels except for "Best in Category." Nominees will be recognized on the HBR website.

The team leader will decide on the level based on team input and scores from the audit.

Bronze: Companies that are nominated by their clients, and submit entries to be considered for the finalist selection but are not selected as a finalist.

Silver: The minimum level of recognition that will be given to a company selected as a finalist. This recognition is based on audit scoring and improvement opportunities.

Gold: This recognition signifies that many elements of the company's program, both field and documentation, meet minimum requirements and include average to above-average best practices.

Best in Class: This recognition signifies that most elements of the company's program, both field and documentation, exceed the minimum requirements including exceptional best practices. This award is given to the top company in each category. There can only be one Best in-Class winner for each category.

Newcomer of the Year: The HBR "Newcomer of the Year" award recognizes contract companies that may be participating for the first time or have not been nominated for at least the past three years. Selection of the “Newcomer of the Year” award comes from the Houston Business Roundtable staff and is awarded to a participating finalist that excelled at a high level in the process in one of the categories.

Most Nominations: This award is presented to the company with the most nominations. This award represents that a company has a consistent safety culture and consistently demonstrates world-class safety excellence at a high level across multiple work sites, clients, and industries.

Award Categories

General Contractors
Construction and Maintenance

Specialty Contractor - Hard Crafts
Mechanical, I&E, HVAC

Specialty Contractor - Soft Crafts
Insulation, Painting, Scaffolding

Specialty Contractor Environmental
Hydro Blasting, Vacuum Trucks, Chemical Cleaning

Specialty Contractors - Technical Support
Engineering, Safety, Inspection

Crane & Rigging Support

*Categories may be modified slightly depending on number and size of nominees.

Award Statistics

Participating Contractors 58
Total Work Hours in USA 175.8 Mil
Total Recordable Rate 0.15
Nominated Sites 36
Site Hours 39.6 Mil
Ave Site Recordable Rate 0.05

Best Practices

A unique feature of this award process is the requirement that the "Best in Category" Contractors come to a "Best Practices" seminar and present the best practices identified by the evaluation teams as the reason for their excellent achievement. All other companies are encouraged to take these ideas back to their own companies to improve their own performance. Through the sharing of best practices the entire industry improves its safety performance. There is an attitude that is prevalent among the owners and contractors that outstanding safety is not proprietary and must be shared with others.

This award process was developed and is maintained by the HBR Safety, Health & Environmental Resource Committee that meets monthly. HBR believes that the Greater Houston Area Contractors involved in this award process have developed world class safety programs and have produced significantly better safety records than any other group of contractors in the world.

Safety, Health & Environmental Resource Committee
Third Thursday, Each Month at 8:00 a.m.
5213 Center Street, Pasadena – HASC Auditorium

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