Application to Join HBR
5213 Center Street
Pasadena, Texas 77505
Phone: 713-645-0923

Membership Benefits

Benefits of HBR Membership

Professional Development

  • Participation / Interaction through member and service provider committees
  • Sharing and learning about best practices and industry developments
  • Networking and collaboration with industry peers on key issues that impact our industry

Continuing Education

  • Educational forums and seminars on workforce development, engineering, construction and maintenance and safety provided at no or low costs
  • Opportunity to work on committees developing programs that directly benefit the industry
  • Keep abreast of industry trends
  • Sharing of ideas that reduce construction and maintenance costs

Association Liaison

  • A stronger interface to other member and service provider companies for knowledge / coordination on:
    • Contractor safety in the workplace and opportunity to showcase performance through participation in the Safety Excellence Awards process
    • Gain increased knowledge of contractor performance, training programs and best practices
    • Opportunity to demonstrate a concern for what happens to be contractor community
    • Access to workforce trends in the area
    • Maintenance / construction and craft / supervisory skill development issues
    • Addressing issues that improve costs of construction and maintenance

Corporate Citizenship

  • Participate in community issues - such as improving contractor safety and workforce skill levels
  • Organization is a force that is recognized in the industry
  • Provides an opportunity to support industry initiatives, such as East Harris County Manufacturers Association (ECHMA), Area Safety Councils and Construction Maintenance Education Foundation (CMEF)

Standing Committees

  • Contractor Workforce Development
  • Crane, Rigging & Lifting
  • Project Management
  • Operating (Board of Directors)
  • Safety, Health
  • Environmental Resource
  • Operation & Maintenance – Ad-Hoc
  • Commercial Issues – Ad-Hoc

HBR Processes (supported by others and reciprocal through most of industry)

  • North American Substance Abuse Program (NASAP)
  • North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC)
  • Standardized Pre-Qualification Form (PQF)
  • Process Safety Management Audits (PSM)

HBR Off-Site Conference / Meeting Space available to Members at no charge for up to 15 individuals.