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North American Background Screening Consortium

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The North American Background Screening Consortium (NABSC) is a standardized and reciprocal criminal background screening program for Contractor Employees designed to meet the requirements for site access of Owner companies and assist Contractor Employers in compliance with multiple Owner site access requirements.

This program is the culmination of over two years of collaborative efforts by owner and safety council representatives from HBR, GBRIA, GNOBR, HASC, SCLCA, and GNOIEC. Several industry-leading suppliers of background screening services also participated in the development to ensure inclusion of the latest industry technology as well as assuring all applicable legal requirements are met by the program. Included in the development of the program were several independent legal reviews by third party firms and reviews by several owners’ legal representatives in order to assure Owners, Contractor Employers and Contractor Employees of the integrity of the program.

This program has been modeled after the North American Substance Abuse Program (NASAP), the highly successful standardized Drug and Alcohol testing and monitoring program developed and implemented by HBR and HACSC in 2004. Currently the NASAP program has over 150,000 participants representing over 1800 Contract companies in the Houston area. With the addition of the NABSC program, Owners and Contractor Employers will have not only increased assurance in the safety and integrity of the Contract Workforce that provides service to so many locations, but they will also experience reduced overall cost and efforts required to administer these programs.

Key Program Benefits

  • Establishes standardized background screen criteria; Contractor Employers do not have to comply with multiple Owner requirements
  • Includes multiple professional background screening Consortium Third Party Administrators (Consortium TPAs) to perform the background checks, giving Contractor Employers a choice, providing competition and controlling costs
  • Allows participating Owners flexibility to determine which contract companies will be included in the Program
  • Graded security levels allows participating Owners flexibility to establish their own site access requirements
  • Provides Owners and Contractor Employers with ready access to a Contractor Employee's background screen security status (Active or Inactive), for each participating Owner via the NABSC Program Lookup Application
  • A Contractor Employee's background screen grade will be portable if they change employers or begin working at another Owner facility, reducing repetitious background screening and related costs
  • Program can be easily audited to ensure compliance
  • A decreased number of safety and security related incidents

For more information on the program, please contact the Houston Business Roundtable or the Houston Area Safety Council or visit the NABSC website.

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